If you were a website, what would the sitemap of it look like?

Knowing that each page on a website should have a single call-to-action (CTA), what is the CTA for each of your pages?

Who Am I?

My daily action plan is my call to action for a given day. My days must be ruled by the calendar.

What's needed is a quick reference to a single term in a curated, collected, collaborative medium.

For example: The word Fear.

Because there's always more to day.

What is most significant to me is the 'third mind' concept I mentioned in a 50 Interviews foreword I once wrote.

The Third Mind

When we read an interview, we bring a third mind to the party. There's the mind of the interviewer, the interviewee, but also the witness of that interview.

In every exchange, we have three minds. 1. The mind of the originator. 2. The mind of the subject. 3. The mind of the observer.

As I write Wireframed, it's easy for me to get drawn back to an existing topic. Each time I do, I have new thoughts which originated from the third mind. It's not usually the mindset I had when I originally wrote it. Nor it is the mindset when I reread it. It's a new mindset which emerged between the original writing and the final reading.

How experiences shape our perception.

When I interview anyone, my own unseen biases shape the question. There's inflection in my voice and hidden cues that impact how I interpret an answer. This is why the hot seat model can be so revealing. The result is a mind meld of numerous experiences (and perspectives) that often shed new light on an existing topic.

I would love to see the hotseat model expand beyond the confine of space and time. It would incorporate aspects of AMA, but instead a individual, the AMA is a topic.


Did you know you have 3 brains? Two in your head (the left and right hemisphere), and one in your belly.


A structure for writing: The 3 buckets are: ideation, creation, and editing