The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli

The universe is fundamental made up of events, not objects.

Time is the source of our identify and of our suffering.

For suffering to exist, we must be attached to something that no longer exists. Since time is forever slipping away, to become attached to a moment in time is to create suffering.

Everything that begins must end. We endure the passing of time.

Time gives us everything, yet takes everything away.

"The fleeting illusion of permanence is the origin of all our suffering." ~ Carlo Rovelli

Time: When we don't need it, it is nothing. But when we do, it is everything.

Reality flows from the past through the present towards to the future.

The present is localized and our past is personalized.

The world is made of events, not things (Chap. 6)

Time is what gives life life.

Without time, nothing exists.


Part 1: The Crumbling of Time

  1. Loss of Unity
  2. Loss of Direction
  3. The End of the Present
  4. Loss of Independence
  5. Quanta of Time

Part II: The World Without Time

  1. The World Is Made of Events, Not Things
  2. The Inadequacy of Grammar
  3. Dynamics as Relation

Part III: The Sources of Time

Time Is Ignorance

This is where the book gets really interesting. The concept is this:

Life is not things, but rather events.

Who we are is a sequence of events.

All living creatures are the culmination of events that conspired to lead us to what we call life.

It's our relationship to the events that unfold that determine who we are.


Gets into how our interaction with the physical world determines our perception of it.

When we become time.

When the dancer becomes the dance.

When the singer becomes the song.

What Emerges from a Particularity

Chapter 12: The Scent of the Madeleine

This is it! Reframe who we are... What we are is the cumulation of time.

  1. The Source of Time The Sister of Sleep

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