The past collaborates with the future to create the present.

Imagine a conference room. There are 4 chairs. The entities in each chair are:

Chris' Role is to guide the future, log the past, and drive the present.


Throughout your day, you will need to put on different hats and consult your fellow executives.

One of the creator's challenges is to keep Pete & Frank from distracting Paul. Paul's main challenge is overcoming the obstacles presented by Pete. What if Frank is an optimist and Pete is a pessimist?

Pete carries grudges.

Time is a co-creation. The past creates the future just as the future creates the past. The two are tightly connected.

Another way to reflect on time is to ask: Does Frank really exist? The future is only a figment of our imagination. We can't let the future define us because it doesn't exist.

All that exists is right now. The past did exist, and to a large extent, defines the future we live into because our past defines our environment (nurture), the circumstances that influence the now are defined by the past.

What has greater influence over the present - the past or the future? The future is just an idea, and only influences the present to the extent we allow.

To overcome our past, we must assume the future will become our past. Belief is a powerful sword. It can do a great deal to influence, but it's still just an idea - a figment of our imagination.

Who we become is only limited by the future we choose to believe actually exists.

The successful people in society have a secret - they have mastered the 'fake it till you make it' skill.

To convince others a future is true, you must first convince yourself that a future is true. This is where faking it becomes an art.

When an assumption becomes a conviction.

It happens - we see fiction becomes fact. What occurs in reality was first a simulation. The stronger our conviction is to an idea, the more our reality will align to reflect that assumption.

Beliefs vs. convictions

Look up synonyms for conviction and you'll see words like dogma, faith, doctrine, creed, and confidence.

The prime culprit to conviction is doubt.

Look up synonyms for belief and you'll see words like theory, idea, hope, expectation, opinion, and axiom.


An axiom define as:

Being gullible can have it's plusses. It means that your willing to try on new truths like a pair of shoes. Rather than take my word for it, try it yourself. That is, because I'm always prefer to learn by doing - I'll let the doing be the proof.

As a teacher, I am a firm believer in this approach. Because while I can teach you something, you won't know it until you assimilate it through action. While I'll tell you how I do it, the exact circumstances upon which you do it will always be different - so your best served to do it yourself to reveal the unknown.

So perhaps there's a fragment of There's a fragment of ignorance


New entrepreneurs our enthusiastically naïve.

Successful individuals are restlessly naïve in regards to obstacles that like ahead.

Although we live linear

NTL - Never too late

Because the future creates the past just as the past creates the future, the concept of too late no longer applies.

The seed of regret dies when you see through the illusion of time. The only thing beating yourself up for things you did or didn't do does is perpetuate the problem.

Filling yourself with regret or guilt validates the tight connection that exists between the past and the present.

As long as you let regret linger, you are letting the past prevent you from experiencing the present.

Your future will continue to be determined by your past as long as you let it.