Intelligence in Action

When we say what matters, what we say matters more.

When we write what matters, what we write matters more.

We we do what matters, we test what we think, say, and write.

It's through action that our beliefs are tested.

Can studying AI help us improve our own brains? (interesting coincidence - we started watching The Social Dilemma after I wrote this).

Can we hack our habits and default operating system?

As I look at the cycle, I wonder at a macro level is, this how AI works?? How does AI test it's hypothesis?

Warning... Random generated writings follow...

Think Tank

Need to mix it up? Through in some random generated events. Random acts of action. Is your day a sequence of random acts or are your actions intentional and focused?

Collaboration is key. But it's might not be the people who find you. The people you find that matter more. The people who find you have an agenda.

The good ones don't need to go searching, they get discovered. This is the funny thing about human nature. We want to be discovered for our talents, but are suspicious of those who recognize that talent.

When you ask for what you want, do you get it? If not, it's probably because you haven't EARNED it. Treat others with respect, remember their name, treat them as the most important person, as an A student in the study of themselves.

When we are at war with ourself, who wins?

If we are all one... then we are at war with ourself. Who wins? There is no winner. The only way to win a war to never begin.

We are one. If we go to war, we are at war with ourself. When we are at war with ourself, who wins?