The illusion of organization

I'm drawn to the idea of being super organized because I think it will allow me to accomplish more. But consider that the more we accomplish, the busier we become. Work begets more work.

What I'm starting to discover is that the more time I spend organizing, the more I have to organize. It's a vicious cycle - I want to be organized to feel a sense of control, but get stuck spending all my time organizing rather than doing. As a result, my list of incompletes grows. Too much organizing becomes counterproductive to getting shit done!

It's important to remember the law of diminishing returns. It's also important to take an honest look at whether we are getting organized or procrastinating. It's easy to justify procrastination by organizing.

Instead... can you look at your world of work (tasks) in 4 buckets?

And then repos where all this information hits your canvas: