Level Up - Elevate Everyday

Anytime you overcome an obstacle, celebrate!

Examples of level ups:

What are some other level ups that would make an impact to you? (Post a comment below).

Who you surround yourself with

Perhaps she is upset with us because she has heard enough of our gripes and has had enough. From her perspective, we have the perfect life. Yet we don't see it. And this makes it hard for her to love us. It's clear to me that we are the cause and I can't blame her for pulling away.

Life is hard enough without the burden of others 'issues.' To say on the upswing, we have to surround ourselves by people who lift us up, not tear us down.

Day 1 - Level Up

(Incorporating The Compound Effect)

The size of the problem you take on will determine the results that you will get and the rewards that follow. He mentions super achievers like Elon Musk and Richard Branson, and how they are taking on bigger problems.

What is the compound effect?

"The Compound Effect is the operator's manual that teaches you how to own the system, how to control it, master it, and shape it to your needs and desires."