Zoom Online Meeting Info

How do you use Zoom? Zoom is one of the most popular ways to video chat! It has some advantages over Facetime and Facebook, namely the ability to join many people together at the same time (and not everyone has a Facebook account or an iPhone!).

You can use your PC, Mac, Tablet, or smartphone. Video is optional.

If you are doing a one-on-one zoom, there are no time limits. But if you are doing a multi-person zoom, the free version limits you to 40 minutes.

If you are joining from a location with more than one person, only one of you needs to login (and problems arise often when you have multiple devices logging in from the same location unless you are using headphones).

First - install the app if you want to use a device other than the laptop

iPhone App Android App

After you've installed, you can click on the button below to join our meeting at the time we arranged. I will provide you the password.

(If you've never used zoom before, please arrive 5 mins early to set up your mic, speakers, and camera)

Join Our Zoom Mtg.

Accessing from a PC or Mac

Go to: https://zoom.us/join

And enter the meeting id. If it's a meeting I'm hosting, the id is 504 553 9179.

Extended Tutorial

This video goes into more depth how use the features of zoom:

Going further? How to use the Zoom (including Breakout Rooms)

Coordinate to YOUR LOCAL time

This is highly recommended if you are coordinating a call with people in different time zones:


See you on Zoom!

~ Brian