The One Thing

The One Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan is one of the best selling self-improvement books of all time. Why? Because it addresses a problem that is more prolific today then ever before.

It addresses the one thing that is the obstacle for many of us - focusing on one thing.

In part 1, they address many of the 'myths' or 'misbeliefs' that have led us astray.

For example:

In part 2, strategies to boost productivity are provided.

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6 Takeways

  1. Develop a habit of investing .
  2. Keep track of your income and spending.
  3. Doing one small thing over a period of time becomes extraordinary large.
  4. Take care of cost of selling .
  5. Be surrounded by investors and keep on learning from them.
  6. Have mentor and follow their advice.