The Impermanence of Peace

Everything is impermanent. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, people, and even ourselves.

Impermanence can be a valuable tool.

One of my true joys in life is the calm that I often find during meditation. It allows me to find what in the end is all I really need - peace.

But I also know from years of meditating that that sense of peace is fleeting. On a good day, I may be able to hold on to the deep inner peace for a few hours. But ultimately, like everything else, it fades away and I'm back into the turbulence of my own thoughts.

Retired = Renewed?

Accepting Permanence of Busyness.

I am referring to Busyness, not the 'business' that relates to making a living (although I think some retrospection of the two may prove helpful).

Those who were successful in business tend to be successful in retirement. They've learned to embrace the 'busyness' of retirement in the same way they embraced the 'business' of making a living.

One of the illusions of retirement is that you ever escape the busyness of life.

In realty, what actually occurs is that you wake up everyday with this nagging sense that you don't want to miss out on the time you've been working towards your entire life... retirement! This is your life and you begin to realize that the window is starting to close. NO! I'm finally enjoying my life and I don't want it to end!

So if you are reading this and hoping to find a solution to your constant busy-ness (which is why time management is a multi-billion industry), I'm hear to give the truth - there's no cure for busyness.

The best you can do is embrace it, leverage it, and make the most of your busy life!

The more we know, the more our minds seek to do something with what we know.

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