We can't lose our ego. No matter how much you try, our ego is a part of who we are. While you can't get rid of it, you can expect more from it.

Like a habit, the best you can do is replace it with a better one.

If your ego was a bubble, how would you expand it?

You'd push it into new roles. You'd tell it that although there will be discomfort and failure, it's the work that you expect it to do.

Below are notes from Ego is the Enemy from Ryan Holiday

Talk, Talk, Talk

Comments from Ryan Holiday's concept talk talk talk which is a chapter in his book Ego is the Enemy.

The premise of this chapter is that people talk a lot and this is a deflection from the more important thing which is action.

Example: Dan the rapper talks about being the next jay-z. he's going to have the cars the money the mansion the Rolex etc.

The problem is Dan invests more time into talking rather than looking at the pad and writing his thoughts that develop into verses.

He invests his time into talking rather than the action of mastering his craft.

Those who know - do not speak
Those who speak - do not know.
~ Lao-Tzu

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