Lessons Learned - Facing Failure

Program: 3fail

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. ~ Henry Ford


Is my view of failure a positive one?

Did I make any mistakes today? Where did I fail? Is my ego preventing me from seeing my own faults?


I see the mistakes as evidence I've stepped beyond my comfort zone. I know that lessons are repeated until they are learned. In order to expand my comfort zone, I must push my edge. Discomfort is an indication I'm outside my comfort zone.

I have a visual reminder. I'm standing in a ballon and pushing on the edges. As I apply pressure on the edges, the ballon expands. I have more room to push further. The pathway to greater freedom is to apply pressure to the edges. The edges reflect knowledge and skills I have not yet acquired. Maturity not yet met.

Pushing your Edge

Comfort kills progress. It can be a catalyst for boredom. Discomfort is an indication to call on courage.

I won't know how far I can go until I risk going to far. Failure can either indicate I've gone to far or perhaps that I don't yet possess the skills required.

I have to discern the difference between failure and fatigue. Between pain and growth. Muscles that are growing shake as they break into a threshold of strength.

Failure is simply part of the process.



Central Coast Writers Conference

I missed an opportunity to add free promo material to the bags that were handed out to all conference attendees. I received the email, but failed to act on it. My focus was again on the needs of others. If I served on the committee (I was offered the opportunity), I would have been more tuned in.

As this was the 2nd year in a row I had not been selected for faculty, I am recognizing myself as the cause: