Staying Awake

Part of CBT for Sleep is to stay up until 11:30pm. It's a challenge given my history of usually being asleep before 9:30pm. Key to staying awake is finding activities to occupy the time. Here's a list of ideas:

  1. An engaging hobby (i.e. art, problem-solving)
  2. Play ukulele
  3. write music
  4. Read a good book (read your Kindle)
  5. Watch TV
  6. Write / thank you cards
  7. Chat with a friend in another time zone (or find one who likes to stay up late)
  8. Stretch/Yoga
  9. Stand up / Go for an evening walk
  10. Do chores / laundry / organizing / clean office
  11. Listen to music
  12. Dance to music
  13. Make your meal for tomorrow
  14. Sort through magazines/catalogs
  15. Add variables to my RPW Nav pages.
  16. Create a shopping lists from recipes you want to try.
  17. Plan a vacation
  18. Go through a closet
  19. Clean out a drawer
  20. Read children's books (with uplifting messages and comfort in an uncertain world)
  21. Codepen