Infinite possibilities collapse at the point of decision

Days remaining till 10k Sprint ends ( 8/10/2018 5:00 PM )

Resources (new for 2019)

Punchlist (Projects we are focused on this sprint duration)

How you use your time determines outputs:



Zoom OUT: /2017/annual-time-blocks.xls

Zoom IN: Daily War Rooms - Top 3 each day

Consider that every actionable thought falls into one of the following:

  1. NOW: It's where my attention is.
  2. NEXT: It's next in line in my queue.
  3. LATER: It's a scheduled event
  4. LIKELY (>50%): It's something I need to schedule time for. AKA Someday Maybe tasks.
  5. UNLIKELY (<50%): I might be interested, but I'm not willing to commit to it.
  6. NO COMMIT: It's not something I am able to do right now.


I am heading into my 2nd 10 day sprint with great confidence because I achieved my 10 day goals previously.

Reflecting on what worked well, and what could be improved.

Using pomodoro and pre-allocating 'prime time' (8am-11am) to my most important opportunities.

Second, the opportunities page @InSightly helped me see that while I have many clients, I have a more manageable list of opportunities related to those clients. Instead of focusing on specific clients, I am focusing on opportunities which are really solutions. This upcoming week, I want to create a PubWriter page for each solution (aka opportunity) along with a buy button and form for client to provide what we need. This is a vital step towards productizing my services.

Tracking projects and work orders in AuthorDock

At a glance:

There may be a creative way to use the RSS Feed. Q: Which page to link to?

But I think a daily release notes page for my team would be helpful. That Feedburner page is my daily 'Release Notes' if you think about it. Imagine if EVERYTHING I did was posted to AuthorDock. It would automatically update that page!!! Strive for this.

Creating room for improvement

When you measure what matters, what you measure matters more.

What I said NO to

This is a critical success to celebrate... saying no to the activities and people who are not serving me

Not Now

Define your 10 Day Sprint Goals

New Habits:

Resources and Tools:

Progress report:

New Health Habit: * 1 Green drink (3-5 services of veggies/fruit)/day (meal replacement)