I am starting to recognize the coincidences in my life.

It's all about noticing what arises to support you in your commits!

I am going to log 'em here!

It begins with making a public commitment at the MKP to ride 5 hours/week.

The next day I run into Eric at Cal Poly. He is training for the same ride in a month. We make plans to ride the next day. Thanks to this coincidence, I'm already 3 hours into my 5 hours for the week.

One commitment needs to the next.

The key is to make regular ongoing commits. There is where an accountability group can help.

Show Up. Stand Up. Step Up.

You show up when you make a commitment.

You stand up when you refuse to let yourself (and your excuses stand in your way) from taking the first step.

You step up when you level up and become the person who overcomes the obstacles that would otherwise stop you.

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