10k Challenge

It's time to rise to the challenge. The 10k Sprint provides a framework for focus.

Infinite possibilities collapse at the point of decision.

Decide on a prime objective. Set aside everything else.

Rise to the occasion. What's the occasion? Meet the deadline. When's the deadline? 10 days from today.

Deadlines drive action. To meet $10k in 10 days, there are many mini deadlines that lead up to it.

The next sprint will be 11 days. Then 12 days. Then 13 days... and so on. It's a powerful framework. Eventually, a 90 day sprint would produce a 90k backlog and set you up with enough business for the entire year! Imagine being able to focus 100% on the client without having to burn time and energy on marketing.

If you truly do the work, the results will come. It's very conceivable that you could work 120 days/year when the 10 sprints are powerful enough!

Until you have the RIGs generating 10k, you will be required to perform services. Each month, your primary objective is to increase the % of RIGs in your 10k.

By 5/5/2020, you will have 100% of your 10k derived from RIGs. Cool Calculator that includes weeks, days, hours, and minutes. It's actually 25k hours from today.

The 10k action form.

Days remaining till 10k Sprint ends


Some example 'trackers' to keep you on task


AutoFocus on Checkvist

Q. What's important?


100 Pomodoros/week

Each day, you get 10 Pomodoros. How you use your time determines

Check offs occur as the day progress:


Option 1: Google Sheet - more detail

Option 2: Table in Pubwriter (below)

8/17 8/18 8/18 8/19 8/20 8/21 8/22 8/23 8/24 8/25
100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10
99 89 79 69 59 49 39 29 19 9
98 88 78 68 58 48 38 28 18 8

Consider that every actionable thought falls into one of the following:

  1. NOW: It's where my attention is.
  2. NEXT: It's next in line in my queue.
  3. LATER: It's a scheduled event
  4. LIKELY (>50%): It's something I need to schedule time for. AKA Someday Maybe tasks.
  5. UNLIKELY (<50%): I might be intersted, but I'm not willing to commit to it.
  6. NO COMMIT: It's not something I am able to do right now.


I am heading into my 2nd 10 day sprint with great confidence because I achieved my 10 day goals previously.

Reflecting on what worked well, and what could be improved.

First, the countdown clock helped.

Second, the Pomodoro and pre-allocating 'prime time' (8am-11am) to my most important opportunities.

Second, the opportunities page @InSightly helped me see that while I have many clients, I have a more manageable list of opportunities related to those clients. Instead of focusing on specific clients, I am focusing on opportunities which are really solutions. This upcoming week, I want to create a PubWriter page for each solution (aka opportunity) along with a buy button and form for client to provide what we need. This is a vital step towards productizing my services.

Tracking projects and work orders in AuthorDock

At a glance:


There may be a creative way to use the RSS Feed:


But I think a daily release notes page for my team would be helpful. That Feedburner page is my daily 'Release Notes' if you think about it. Imagine if EVERYTHING I did was posted to AuthorDock. It would automatically update that page!!! Strive for this.

Creating room for improvement

Note where you fell two steps back:

When you measure what matters, what you measure matters more.

I am going to see how many RFQs I can get in/out this week... to focus on new RFQs!!

What I said NO to

This is a critical success to celebrate... saying no to the activities and people who are not serving me

Not Now

I absolutely need to line up some new speaking opportunities. January is likely a good month do it... otherwise, I will be scrambling later this year.

Define your 10 Day Sprint Goals

New Habits:

Days remaining till 12/31/16:

Resources and Tools:

Progress report:

New Health Habit: * 1 Green drink (3-5 services of veggies/fruit)/day (meal replacement)