My Whoop Experience

This was my Whoop data after a 6 hour bike ride. Note that it actually hit 19.9 by the end of the day! It resets at midnight.

In June-2020, I started using a Whoop activity tracker. I justified the investment because I needed a sleep coach given I typically only sleep on average 6 hrs/night.

I also loved that Whoop offers a monthly fee w/o a big up front investment. This turned out to be a lifesaver because after 2 weeks, I sent it back.

This page is to share my personal experiences in using it.

First 5 days of sleep data

SWS (Deep Sleep)

First off - I'm recognizing that although I'm only get 6 hours/night sleep on average, I think I'm getting as much deep sleep as my wife (who gets 8 hours/might on average).

And it's all about getting deep sleep, isn't it?

Last night was the first night in a long time I actually got 8 hours of sleep, which resulted in a better recovery score:

(Note: I was in bed before 6pm due to feeling totally exhausted!)

Getting the most from your Whoop

This is the best video I've found that explains how to use the Whoop. I find the documentation/tutorials

Also, check out:

If you want to give Whoop a try, there are discounts online which can bring your first month down to about $10 (you only pay shipping and tax). Try the code RECOVER.

Whoop Resources (off-site)

Helping you get the most from your Whoop!