My Daily 5

I've noticed a significant improvement in my PV (Program Velocity) by keeping an eye on 5 metrics:

  1. Peak Experiences and Epiphanies
  2. Creative Sparks & New Opportunities
  3. Setbacks, Failures & Lessons learned
  4. Wisdom & Gratitude gained, obstacles overcome.
  5. Achievements Recognized

Peak experiences and gratitude

Log most impactful moments of the day. On the surface, even seemly tiny events can be significant. As we increase our ability to recognize the peaks, the peaks expand. Acknowledging the things (and the people) we are grateful for is an effective way to zoom in on the meaningful peaks.

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Creative sparks and opportunities

Ignite the spark of creativity.

I see opportunity everywhere. They appear are flashes of insight - and like a spark, they only last for an instant. To give the spark a chance to ignite a flame, you must work at it. You must give it more oxygen. It's key to log the ideas as soon as they occur, else we'll forget them. We'll return to them when we can dedicate more of our attention, and it's often the coincidences that follow that ignite the spark.

Tip: Log your sparks before they are forgotten.

Setbacks and failures

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill

Celebrate your failures.

Making mistakes is an indication you are taking risk. Recognizing The error in our ways is a indication that we are taking responsibility. It's a sign we're learning. I've learned to be grateful for my failures because they are often the springboard to real growth. Admitting failure gives and taking personal responsibility is an effective way to build self confidence.

Wisdom gained and obstacles overcame

Log the wisdom gained and obstacles overcame. The silver lining of all setbacks is that we are given an opportunity to do some work. While the impact of setback can be severe, greatness can emerge. The greater the obstacle, the stronger we become by overcoming it. Mistakes indicate that you are taking risks, and risks are essential to success. We learn when we recognize our mistakes. We learn by doing, we learn by failing.

Fail is simply a 4 letter word. Don't give it more meaning that it deserves.

You are not a failure, you are a work-in-progress.

Progress is key here - to progress in your mission, you will face failures along the way. It's a vital part of the process.

Everything else

The fifth metric is left open to interpretation. This is your unique 5th metric you need to measure. Mine is tied to your mission. Yours may be something else. This is a rotating spot. Like the rotating tap handle at your local brewery, it's experimental by design. Indeed, it may evolve into something regular, in which case - you may add another metric to your list.

It's key to keep this simple. Don't over complicate your day. This should never feel like a burden.