Let Go of Your POV

Point of view (POV) is all about the perspective we bring from our past experiences.

Each of us has had unique experiences that unknowingly color how we experience life.

Take for example someone who travels to California from an area where the cost of living is considerably less. From their POV, things will seem very expensive. But someone from London might have a different POV, based on their prior experience, things will seem surprisingly affordable.

There are many areas of our life that can be vastly improved by seeing the POV distinction.

Stuck in traffic? Change your POV.

Dealt with a difficult person? Change your POV.

Bummed about your job? Change your POV.

Know that for every POV you have, someone else has an equivalent opposite POV.

Even our anxiety over time can be reduced by a shift in POV. If you are feeling like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it, consider that your POV is likely to cause. If your original POV was that a task was going to take 30 mins, but you're already 30 mins into it without making a dent, change your POV to 60 or 90 or even 120 minutes. Now when you finish the task in less than 60, you'll feel good about it.

This is also why pricing your services accurately involves experience. It was my mentor who helped me see I was grossly underestimating (flawed POV) the time it was taking me to complete tasks for my clients. With the a new, more accurate POV, I was able to raise my prices without any guilt.

I wrote a song entitled 'Point of View'.

Seeking Agreement

Most of our communication is an effort to seek agreement. To gather consensus, validation for our actions and our existence. When we are around others who share our same 'frequency' we feel better about the world.

How well do you interact with people who you don't agree with? Does any communication happen at all?

Before they speak, we're already predisposed to disagree. When someone has consistent set of beliefs that challenge our own, we begin to tune them out. Sadly, even if they do have some good advice for us, we'll likely discount it. We through the baby out with the bathwater.

A common thread I see in those I admire most is an ability to be open to those who have a different POV. To validate through listening, the opinions they may not agree with. To realize the faults of their own opinions... "For every opinion, the opposite is true" refers to the fact that as strong as your conviction is to your own beliefs, someone likely feels just as strongly about the opposite.

Strength is letting go of our beliefs and opinions and being open to a new POV.

Save your energy. Your never going to force anyone to adopt your POV. It's impossible to see eye-to-eye on everything. We all have different experiences to validate our own POV. Unless someone has had the exact same set of experiences, they won't ever truly share your entire POV.

And this shows why diversity is so important. The more we surround ourselves with people like us, the less we will see the err in our ways. The stronger our POV becomes, no matter how many false truths are contained within it.