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Catalyst for Miracles

What do I do?

I help writers become authors, authors become publishers, and publishers become smart marketers. My other passions in life are Yoga, Ukulele, and Meditation.


Why do I do what I do? Because doing what I do allows me to live on the beautiful California central coast, near friends, family, and a community I love.

What should we read?

I try to read a book/month. Most contain wisdom worth sharing. Right now I am reading Trying Not to Try and discovering more about Wu Wei everyday. Visit my Kindle reading page here.

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More thoughts on Now

Most of the time, we are thinking about the past or the future. We are lost in a thought that may be related, but not immediately needed in this moment.

For example, when a yoga class begins to feel hard, thoughts such as the following tend to arise:

And on and on...

But there are moments within my practice of 'doing' where I am thinking about nothing but the 'doing.' I am struck by the analogy of a circuit - it doesn't waste energy thinking about where it's been or where it's going. It puts all of its energy into the point it's at. Where the circuit lights up is where ALL it's energy is.

I'm not saying we should be like programs. There is definitely benefits to 'day dreaming' and letting our minds draw possible connections to what is happening now. In fact, all of my great ideas stem from my mind drifting away from what is happening now.

But there's a real power to putting all your thought energy into what you are doing. To do your best work, you must focus all of your energy on the task.

I have been practicing samatha meditation which has been helping me get into a state of flow faster & more often.

When a thought arises, what do you do? Do you have a reliable capture system?

Is this what meditation really is? Focusing on the NOW. If so, the opportunity to meditate presents itself at all times. :-) Didn't you just say you were happiest when you were meditating? Then if you can meditate at all times, you can be happy at all times!