Tension is structural.

Resistance. Force. Pressure. Stress. Unease.

Tension is unrealized potential.

It's the tension that exists between the done and undone. Between the idea and the realization of that idea. Tension drives action. It moves us to learn what we need to learn and overcome the obstacles that need to be won. Win the wars that need to be won. To relieve tension, we must act.

Yin & Yang

Ease requires unease. Peace requires tension. What is unwritten drives to write. What is unspoken drives us to speak. All action requires in action to be recognized as such. Dark requires light and light requires dark. To exist is to recognize non-existence. Meaning requires meaningless

One can't exist without the other.

Despair requires joy. The opposite of faith is despair.

Opposites exist to validate each other.

We can not have life with out death. We can not have pleasure without pain.

They are all part of life.

A solution requires a problem.

If we see ourselves as the solution, then we will find a problem. If a problem doesn't exist, we'll create one. Why? Because we need to be the solution.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Life itself is in a state of tension with death. To act is to avoid inaction.

To define the significance of a life is to judge the insignificance of one.

The meaning of everything

The point of a life is up to the creator. We inject meaning into what is otherwise meaningless.

It begins the moment we realize that something needs to be done (or undone).

We will never be fully self-actualized because an aspect of self-actualization is indefinite and ever expanding improvement. The structure of who we are is indefinite and there will always be unresolved tension.

Your full potential will never be realized because potential by definition is indefinite.

The cost of inaction

It often costs more to do nothing than to do something.

When you see something, do something about it. It's the opportunity to stand up for what you believe. To discover something new. For what you know is right. For what matters.

Grow a spine! Stand up for yourself.

The first indication was when you got angry with yourself.

One culprit is that you are may be pursuing too many options. In trying to keep your options open, you're falling short.

We can only pursue one path at a time. Trying to be in two places is only going to create friction and frustration. Stop trying to keep your options open and you'll find more options open up. Stop pursuing so many paths. Dedicate yourself to the one you're ready for now. You think you can do it all, but you can't.

Is your life one cliff hanger after another?

A good author creates tension by using creative cliff hangers at the end of each chapter. No bookmarks allowed. When the book is good enough that the reader can't put it down.

Is it then any surprise that we create cliff hangers in our own reality? We want our story to be exciting, don't we? is created in fiction by by cliff hangers create. It's unfinished projects. Open loops. It's what causes the itch when everything is perfect as it is, tension arrives in the form of unresolved issues. You can resolve them by assigning them in place and time. By time blocks. My book is tension because it isn't done.


There is always a beginning, middle, and end. The end is complete. Everything else is incomplete.

What can you complete today? In the next hour?

I feel a sense of completion when...

At the end of every completion, there is a new beginning. I finish the milk, now milk is on the shopping list. The milk on the shopping list is unfinished until it's in my fridge.

The power of an unchecked check box.

Utilize the +1 method to get more done and have more fun.

Unmet needs

Are all your needs met? Right here, right now, in this moment? Revisit peace. It's the one thing that is always avialable to you - right?

When you begin reading a book, there tension until you complete it or decide to skip it.

I contend that your needs were met the moment you were born. Everything else is supplemental. The wealthy man is not he who has the most, it is he who needs the least. When you can truly appreciate all you have, be content and complete with all that is... that is when you discover you've had everything you need all along. You always will be complete. You are complete in this moment. Peace follows complete. There is much unrest in the incomplete.

Time is never complete.

CTA: Print and consolidate your undone's. Go through each item, one by one, and decide: * Trash it * Pass it on * Schedule it (or take action on it) * Quarantine it

Give everything an expiration date, break the list into chunks. Give each chunk an expiration. You can probably delay with 10 at a time. Give 'em an expiration date in 10 days. Either do something on them in 10 days or they will move into quarantine.

Become a docent for action.

A docent is a guide. There are docents for nearly every discipline:

A docent is someone who knows enough about a topic, place, or thing to describe what already is. To point out what's worth pointing out. To highlight the importance of something related to ____.

Prioritize what needs to be done next based on upcoming deadlines (often tied to events).

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