The path to peace is within you. Becoming one is the path to peace.

When you see all is one and you are one with all, you will discover peace is simply the absence of believe we are not one. Reflect on this statement:

"If we are all one, when we are at war, who wins?"

When you become one with the world, you become the cause of all conflict and all resolution. When you are your own creator, all of it is your doing - good and bad. To believe otherwise is duality. To live in peace, seek non-duality.

When you live in the NOW, there is no conflict. When you live in the now, you you are one with all. Your thoughts arise and life is unfolds simultaneously. It's only when we have thoughts of separation that conflict has space to exist. Eliminate the separation, and you will eliminate the space for conflict.

For the creators, there's no gap between what they want and what they have because all you'll ever have is what you've got. Everything is temporary. Feelings will come and go. It's only when we get wrapped up in this idea of duality that we get hung up. It's when we forget everything is impermanent.

When you truly live in the moment, you are never in conflict with the moment called life. The only conflict with life is death.

How does conflict begin? By resisting the moment. By resisting what is. By believing this moment should be anything other than what it is. By believing that we are somehow separate from this moment. To believe that we are separate from anything in our experience. To believe that we are not creators. Awareness defines our reality.