I see myself as a creator and the world is my canvas.

I do not give merit to my opinions of myself or others, but rather of that which is created. My focus in on the creation, not the creator.

The more I let go of my opinions, the more I can appreciate the tangible result which is created.

Your life as the creation, the world your canvas.

The purpose of my life is to create. My ideal creations consist of what others can appreciate and embrace. The significance of my creation is all that matters in the end. My own significance (or opinion of myself in relation to significance) doesn't matter. For I am separate from my creation. Who I am is insignificant. What's significant is what I can create from who I am.

When my ideas are embraced by others, my ideas will matter.

I seek to create that which others can engage with. Others appreciate your creation to the extent they are willing pay for it, and this is all you need to know about creation.

We are all co-creators.

Our role as creators is to assimilate what we learn. To apply, test, and experiment. To fail until we get our creation right. The creation causes us to fail until we get it right.

The more you learn, the more you can assimilate, and the more you assimilate, the more you will be able to learn. It's not until we apply what we learn that we can be ready for new material. To level up is to experiment, and to experiment is to fail. Until you try, you'll never truly know and you'll never grow. You must assimilate what you learn for it to carry you forward. Failure is a sign of progress. Wear it proudly. Celebrate your failures, for they are a sign of progress.

The more you put the concept of assimilation into practice, the more you'll begin to see the framework from which all creation is based. Once you discover the framework of creation, you can use it to create anything you desire. Just keep in mind the time and experience factor. You will need to fail many times before you succeed. Fact: Overnight successes usually take 10 years or more. You have to acquire the knowledge and assimilate it. This takes time. Mastery demands you apply what you learn.

The process of assimilation takes time. It takes practice. It takes dedication, discipline, and most of all trust.

Think about some of the creations of others: Catherine Hudson created Katy Perry. The creator separated herself from the creation, and lot what arose!

Katy Perry is only a persona, and she knows that. Katy Perry is significant, Catherine Hudson is not. It's not to say she as a person is not significant - she is. But what matters is the creator, not the creator.

We can create personas as husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, friend, and so on... Every role provides an opportunity to create.

Rather than live up to an ideal, we can create the ideal. This is what Danica Patrick has done.

What we create is not be dependent upon how we feel about ourselves. Rather, creation is independent of ourselves - and the more we separate ourselves from our creation, the bigger our creation becomes.

When we are in awe of a creation, we see examples of this. Everyone is the same - it's what we create that separates us from each other.

Life is about creating is what we enjoy.

The secret to a fulfilled life is to find what you enjoy, find a way to create it to the extent others embrace it, pay for it, and love you for it.

Most of us spend our life without this knowledge, and as a result live lives of quiet desperation. I'd fault society to a large extent for this. Society often tells us that doing what we love is selfish. And until you've 'made it,' your endeavor is just a hobby. But to the creator, it's far more than a hobby. It's a reflection of who they are and the role they create which makes up the art of thy self.

Time as a canvas


I am awe struct by the co-creation of Nick and Kelly at the weekly live music yoga class. Kelly directs the flow (her art) and Nick co-creates with his music (his art). The two co-create in such a way that it's a unique creation that could have never arisen otherwise. Spark is the canvas for their art to manifest. Money is currency that makes the art flow.

What is your canvas? Make PubWriter your web canvas.

The seed of life is creation.

We were born out of creation and have a deep need to create.

The purpose of life is to constantly bring new creations into being (CreateDock can help).

Everything we have is the result of co-creation. The vast majority of the art we value arises through the contributions of others.

case in point: I use partners to build books. I have a cover designer, and editor, an layout, and someone who coordinates it all on behalf of the author.

When I teach, I create.

I have ideas for new courses I want to teach. The idea is the germination. The assimilation is the creation of that course. The completion is when I've given it to others.

What I can do is create a canvas for others to teach.

Your life is a beautiful creation - you should share it with more people!

What will you create today?