As a layout my own timeline for the day, I need the ability to quickly zoom in (⌘+) and zoom out (⌘-). To see my timeline (hour,day,week,month,year).

It's time to redefine time.

Here's the wikipedia definition

Time is a coordinate, like a GPS coordinate. Life exists in time & space, so without time, life as we know it, ceases to exist.

When does time stand still? When we are in a state of flow.

But I see time as a deadline. The final deadline is when we take our final breath and our time is limited. Once you discover your purpose, time becomes your most valued asset.

What gets done is driven by time.

You can't make additional time, all you can do is decide how to use the time you've got.

I am struck by the fact that of all the other people born on the same day I was. I am not sure exactly how many, but a quick google tells about 350,000 others share my same birthday. As of today, those of us still living have been alive for 17,241 days. We have the same number of days up on which to use. It's not the number of days that differentiate us, rather how we use them.

What matters is what we do before we die.

What happens tomorrow is impacted by what we do today.

Do your best today and tomorrow will take care of itself. There's no point in beating yourself up for what you did or didn't do yesterday. In fact, the more time you spend in regret, the less time you have for today. Today is all that matters.

The final deadline we will all meet is our own death.

How we spend our time is of course how we spend our life.

Who or what is holding you accountable? When you are hypersensitive to accountability, you are hyperaccountable?

To meet the major deadlines in our life, we must meet all the minor ones first.

Revisit Deadlines.

There will never be enough time, but we find the time for what's most important to us. When someone is too busy for you, it's not that they don't have the time, it's that they choose to spend it elsewhere. That is, something is more important to them right now. Don't take it personally. You can't possibly find the time for everyone who wants yours either.

To the creator, the time we are given in this life is precious. Not just time to create, but time to experience, assimilate, and appreciate. Time to love our creations and the creations of others.

Flipping the model

I pay for a yoga studio where I can sign up for classes. I have the option to buy a 'punch pass' that for example would give me 10 passes to use towards future classes. Or I can pay a fee to get unlimited classes every month. After I signup for a class, depending on my preferences, I get an email reminder and/or text reminder.

I can login and see my schedule, but it doesn't have the option to link up to my google calendar (because my google calendar is not public). I do however get reminders via email that let me add the class to my calendar:

If I miss a class I signed up for previously, I get penalized and charged a $15 fee. In a gamification model, this makes perfect sense. The owner had to institute this system because too many people would sign up, reserve a spot, and then fail to show up (because there were no consequences for failing to show up). Brilliant!

What if a system like this existed for your workday? What if you all your commitments where booked in the same way? What if your calendar existed where others could book an appointment with you, and you charged for your services?

What if there was a system where you could build your own daily schedule, and have it nearly emailed to you.

What if there was a dropdown option to assign an agent, allowing you to build their daily schedule?

What if everything you did was tied to a deadline? And if you failed to show, you'd be penalized? But when you did show, you'd be rewarded?

You'd get paid just for showing up!

What agreements are you willing to make?

The digital handshake is your commitment.

And when you fail to meet your commitments, you will be penalized.

You can change your mind 24 hours before the event, but within 24 hours, the schedule is locked in.

You might want to build in some buffer, don't you think?

How might a system like this temper your goal, aspirations, and expectations?

Time is 2-dimensional, yet life is 3-dimensional.

"The key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities." ~ Stephen Covey.


You increase your time the same way you increase your wealth - by investing it wisely. The key concept in Procrastinate on Purpose is that you shift your focus on ways to multiply your time, instead of being more effective with your time.

Pay yourself first is one of the basic rules of investing. So, invest your time first in the TMs (Time Multipliers).

It's the significance of the tasks that you choose to work on with the time you have that make the difference. It requires a deloading phase as Tim Ferris talks about.

Examples of TMs (Time Multipliers): * Setting up snippets in Atom * Building a workbook for my class * PubWriter

I'm also looking at the things that cost me time (and often money). Let's call these the time wasters. Compare it to

More random thoughts on time (aka scraps)

Time in duration of days on earth

What if instead of looking at the time as 2pm 9-28-17, you looked it as the number of days you've lived? It would be a number like this: 47-4-24 (Years, Months, Days). It would continually count up. And it would be unique for you (but you'd share it with whomever you share a birthday with):

You can calculate your own unique day by heading to https://www.tickcounter.com/countup and entering your birthdate as the start day.

Run a countdown timer to your next milestone birthday:

Your milestone birthday will be here before you know it. They are literally counting down every minute (this is a nice visual reminder).

Focus on the next 100 hours. This is best managed OFFLINE and in print.

How many of those hours are billable?

Create a list of must do actions in the next 100 hours.

Each year, you lose another life. You don't know how many you've been given, so you better try to win with every life you've got!

Taking this further, you could count down to when the day ends (Midnight). It would be like your own personal longitude and latitude in time.

Latitude: 47.4.24 Longitude: -9.50 (hour/minute) written as: 47.4.23, -9.50

It's code for the current day & time: 9/28/17 2:09pm

It could be decoded.


Another way to use your lifepoint is to define waypoints toward a desired location.


A balance sheet for time

A basic financial balance sheet contains 3 columns:

  1. Assets
  2. Liabilities
  3. Equity

In regards to our time, you can break it down as follows:

Assets: Time available for our most important projects.

Liabilities: Time we are indebted to by obligation to work on other people's priorities. The financial debts that we owe can be tied to an obligation of time to earn to pay off the financial debt.

Equity: Time accrued is essentially unused assets. If you are employed, it's the paid time off you've earned by haven't yet used. It's the time you've blocked in the future for important projects and R&R.

How many of us are in the plus column when it comes to time?

What if before engaging a partner, we could look at their time balance sheet?

As you look at your week ahead, look at the time available as you would money in the bank. Where are you investing time? Where are you spending time? Where is the time predefined by existing liabilities?

What important projects (and people) are being neglected because you've failed to take into account your current time liabilities that must be first attended to?

When you start looking at time as you would a balance sheet, you will see who (or what) steals time, and importantly how to get it back.

Just like smart retirement saving, pay yourself first is the mantra to live by. Automatic investing is when deductions are taking directly from your paycheck and funneled to a retirement account. The money you save today is accrued (with interest) to be used later in life when your income earning days have ended.

The automatic investing for a seasoned time pro reflects auto calendar repeats for the important projects. The idea that I often plan my day around my yoga and meditation is a key example of this. If I sign on to support a project, it's vital that I allocate time in my week to work on those projects. It's also why deadlines on a project are so important.

As you begin your week, let's assume you have 40 hours available. You may have more or less, but for the purpose of this example, let's assume you are given 40 hours at the start of each week.

Make time for your existing priorities before making new commitments. Conflicting priorities arise when something potentially more important arises. Deal with it and recommit.

Time Debts

If you feel like time is a debt, then you've made some bad investments. Cut 'em loose now. You wouldn't hang on to a stock that lost have it's value would you?


Want to dive into the topic further? Here are some recommended resources!

What are your thoughts on time?