It's not about the money. That was going to be the alternative title for 50 Interviews. Perhaps it was the right title all along. I need to be reminded of this.

More often than not, when money becomes the prime driver for a business, the business fails. If you are only it for the money, it becomes a job.

Money is needed to: 1. Qualify a business vs. a hobby (read Money Pit) 2. Keep a business afloat 3. Provide resources to take the idea further 4. Support others who support the idea by allowing them to earn a living at it.

Self-employed or entrepreneur?

Money and momentum

What kills momentum? When we lose focus. If you have a client demanding attention, that attention comes at a cost. You have to turn away from whatever you are working on to give it your full attention. The added hit is that because another set of eyes will be on the result, your accuracy demands more of your creative energy.