What could me more important than to find a way to live life with less resistance?

To clear our psychic backlog on a daily basis is vital. Meditation is one such technique that allows you to do so.

The first step (which I myself need to be constantly reminded of) is to understand that everything is driven by our pre-conscious.

Conscious will is an illusion.

There are 2 books I recommend to drive this point home: From Here to Here by Gary Crowley and he Neurotic's Guide to Avoiding Enlightenment by Chris Niebauer Ph.D.

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Realizing that we are where we are living not because of free choice, but because of our inherited neurology and the conditioning from circumstances which occurred as a ripple from what we ultimately did not start.

We think we are in control, and as such, we beat ourselves up for not acting as if we are in control, which we are not!


Gary Crowley:

Gary Crowley - From Here to Here & Pass The Jelly from The Room Live on Vimeo.