Daily Deadline

Each day is as important as the next. It's about maintaining the same sense of urgency for today as if it were your last. Or the last one before you go on vacation.

I use a ticking timer to remind me of the true scarcity of time. Every second counts!

Time redefined

A new date stamp allows me to sort sequently:

It's more helpful to see a date as a deadline.

Conversion to calendar.

Today is a single number

The daily check in.

Things todo arise. Where do you put 'em?

How are you being reminded of you deadlines?

I have a list of todos. I keep them quarantined (in a holding pen) until I assign them in time. I create calendar entry on my google calendar. I ensure I allow for sufficient duration to complete the task.

I have a sidekick notebook that's small enough that it's always with me. It's where I can jot down what needs to be done that hasn't yet been assigned in time.

I review my sidekick and create occasions on my calendar. I'm a fan of mission control.

You will be excited everyday when you imagine tomorrow you begin your vacation (or staycation).

Staying focused on the most important work that allows you to work smarter, not harder.

Track your work in AuthorDock.

Power Day Ender Q's

Peak Experience(s)

What was the best part of your day? Peak Experiences? Best news you heard?

Getting out of my funk by doing something nice for someone else (and not taking credit for it). Visiting the cafe where 13 Reasons Why was written. Yoga with Victoria and the bike ride to/from Spark.

My bday playlist at Yoga! Cup-o-Noodles (the sheer simplicity of it). Two new AuthorDock subscribers from my Cal Poly workshop. My AM meditation - a first of meditating and feeling a full awareness as I entered sleep. This was probably the result of sleep deprivation.

Grateful for

Creative Sparks

Updating the embedded clock on the Daily Deadline.

Publishing yoga postures (Victoria). Suggestions to Tom @ SLO Life.

* Read what I wrote on Uni * I have a good idea for a new very good uke domain. Much easier to type than UkuleleSongbook.com! * Need to edit deadlined for Critiki on Wed

Obstacles I overcame

Wisdom gained / lessons learned

Anything else?

Who else posts a daily writing?

Specifically, I love the way Seth's posts are short and sharable. Be sure you have the 'share' buttons enabled on PubWriter. It should be doable:

Here's how:

How would you create a daily with PubWriter?

A daily tweet could be scheduled with a link to the daily.

Writing short daily words of encouragement would be a win-win for both my readers and me! It would give me an opportunity to share highlights of some of my favorite books.