There is no I - only the observer - The Uni.

What's left when "I" is taken out of the equation?

When there's no I, there's no me and you. There's no us and them. There can be no separation without identification. From the view of uni (one), separate doesn't exist.

There is no 'I' - and I've Un-I'd myself. I've unbecome who I thought I was. Not sure I can every truly unbecome something that never was, but at least I see the truth now.

In meditation this morning, Uni witnessed myself falling asleep.

Uni is defined as one. I have a uni life. All I am is unified in one with the experience of becoming. All I am in the awareness of this life and that which it experiences.

Who am I without the I? I am free. I become all that I experience. I am only the awareness of the I. Who I am is the awareness of the actions I take. In the simplest form, all I am is the observation of this life called Brian.

Truth Seeker

To see reality as it truly is, to see your life as it truly is, we must make a conscious effort to un-i ourselves. That is to see beyond the limitations of the I. To see that who we've been has always been stuck in a false identity. We must unidentify. Once we see the truth, we see that that we've been limited by our misbeliefs, self-concepts, default processes, justifications, and letting all these distinctions define us.

Who we are is beyond identification. Beyond definition.

We are not dreamers. We are not sons or daughters. We are not parents. We are not leaders or followers. We are not any of the roles we've led to believe. We are not not nerds or free sprits. Who we are is what we're doing. It's not what we've done our what we're planning to do, it's who we're being.

When we unidentify, we begin to get out of our way.

To observe reality objectively, you must drop your biases, judgements, and expectation to what you think ought to be so you can see what actually is. All of your biases and expectations are not built from actual experience, but rather limiting beliefs.

It can be an extremely difficult fight. The ego never wants to admit it's wrong, nor that it doesn't know, that it's inferior, or unneeded. The ego can be like a clingy, nagging, overbearing partner. It follows you everywhere you go always demands constant attention. It justifies all it's actions and will never admit when it's wrong. The unnecessary partner becomes an obstacle to realizing your full potential.

To see reality, we must drop everything we think we know about it (whatever we are observing) and witness it with unfiltered eyes. From eyes that belong to the observer, not the I.

Walking into the now

As we step into the doorway of now, we see reality in the moment. We finally see it objectively. We begin to witness without reference to prior subject. In order to not subject the present to the past, we must view every moment objectively. Often that means to see without language. Without assigning labels to what we observe. When we think in language, our possibilities are limited to what we can define by the words we know. To live beyond our current limits, we must think in pictures, ideas, and experience. We can being to think with feelings. We no longer seek what we can define, rather we seek what can't be defined.

We become undefinable.

To live beyond labels of judgement, false assumptions, and jumping to conclusions.

There is no me or my. There is no I. There is only the awareness of such.

Awakening to the now

Tune into your breath, your body, all your senses, your brain, and your belly. Your hands and feet. Begin to observe the passage of time moment-by-moment as you zoom in - time will slow down. Although time does not actually slow down, our experience of it does. Time no longer slips by unnoticed. We zoom out like you can in the timeline in iMovie (cmd+-). How quickly the timeline passes is relative to how far we are zoomed in.

Try it with the image below.

Zoom in (⌘+), Zoom out (⌘-).


In each passing fragment, we begin to notice the space between. The space between breaths, the space between thoughts. We discover that we are not witnessing an unmeasurable fragment of time. All that we are is the sum of tiny increments in time. Time need not be a heavy burden anymore. As you take another deep breath, do you notice all the tiny fragments of time that passes by? As we take another breath, can you see that he sheer number of thoughts between breaths is overwhelming?

Our brains are supercomputers with more information passing by that we'll ever be able to comprehend.

We are containers

We are storage containers for every thought we've ever had, every word we've ever said, every sound we've ever heard, every thing we've ever seen, and every emotion we've ever felt. Stored in our memory is the life we've experienced up to now.

The truth is all we've ever been and ever be is an observer. We are the user behind the keyboard playing a game called reality. The mind and body we possess is a container. Our container is only limited by the instructions our programmer gives is an the programs it's told to run. As much as the program which is us wants to belief it's in control, it's not.

We are the interactions with the world - the people in it, the thoughts we think, and the feelings we feel. All we are is the experience of it all. The further I zoom in, the more I see that all I am is the awareness of it all. When the seer and the seen become one, we become what we become. We are what we see. We are both the the love we seek and the objective of it. What we want we already have.

Possession is only a perception. We possess everything we witness. We may not own it by the definition of soceity, but we own it because it exists in our world.

I am the sky I see, the ground I step upon, the food I eat, and the love I give. Simultaniosly - I am one with all. I am uni.

I am undivided.

I give in to the moment of right now. I am not my thought of the future or the past. I am not this body or mind, but the awareness of it. Awareness is ever present.

I recognize truth when I see it.

My observations drive my actions and my actions drive what I ultimately observe. I am self-aware to my feelings but do not let my feelings drive what I do. I am aware of my thoughts, but do not let my thoughts drive my actions. I no longer judge, conclude, or impose any will. I seek to seek. I love to love. I think to think. I write to write. I am a uni creator. I am unified, undivided, and one with all.

I do not question why, instead choosing to observe without questioning. I no longer seek an answer to every thought. It's not that I don't think before I act, it's that I no longer act with assumption that my thoughts shall dictate my actions. I see without the go, I see without comparison to the past. I watch the future unfold as it it does, without judgement, comparison, or expectation. It's not that I don't expect good to arrive - I do. In fact, the more I expect life to show up in my favor, the more I recognize the favorable aspects of all of it.