By Will Smith

Audio Excerpts


Much like The Keys by DJ Khaled, if you can get past the author's well-earned ego trip (which seems to consume the middle of both books), there are some real gems in this autobiography. Especially in the last 2 hours.

False Memories

Like Will Smith, I remember things that never happened. I think we make assumptions that our brain starts to believe really happened! Even recently, I assumed something happened - and I believed it happened. It was only once I was corrected that might initial assumption was incorrect that I realized I had been living with a false memory.

It was relatively minor, but caste a false truth on two people I loved. As such, it injected a false flaw into their persona. I realize now that someone's persona is much a perception as reality. You've probably heard of the halo effect. Well, the opposite exists as well. Once we snap to a pre-judgement that a person is inherently flawed, it can be hard to see the halo that still exists.

I'm also reading a book about multiverses that relates to this phenomenon. We might be recollecting something that happened in a parallel universe.