AI is going to revolutionize the literary content as we know it.

I predict that the books of the future will be generated based on your personal preferences. Content will be curated and customized. You'll think it's the best book you've ever written because it was written for you.

I also predict that by 2025, Perplexity will overtake Google as the number one search engine.

Q & A

One of the most common ways I use AI is to summarize long-form content and interact with the source. I use tools like Perplexity and Claude to ingest YouTube and Podcast transcripts, and then ask questions related to the SOT (source of truth).


Web Directory Center

AtOnce - Programmatic SEO Writer & AI Article Generator

You do have to wonder how soon you'll see AI at the craft fairs. Check out:


Stable Audio - Generative AI for music & sound fx

New AI tools I'm exploring


Walles.AI is a browser personal AI assistant that empowers you to work smarter and learn faster on the web. It provides answers to your questions, summarizes any web content, enhances your writing, and extracts valuable insights from PDFs in seconds.

Use IYMTA4NG for 70% off.

Feature List: * Instant Q&A: Get answers on-the-fly with a simple keystroke. * Web Content Reading: Effortlessly browse and summarize online articles. * Professional Writing Support: Elevate your writing with AI-generated high-quality content. * Seamless Integration: Integrate Walles.AI into your daily workflow with ease. * YouTube Content Parsing: Automatically extract relevant information while watching YouTube videos. * Smart PDF Insights: Gain intelligent insights from PDF documents. Experience the future of intelligent assistance!


Prompt Engineering

How to Write 'Tree of Thought' Prompts

More AI Tools to check out

RE: Deepl (from an author):

I tried the web version of the DEEPL app suggested for the translation as a test — and I already have a rough draft of the book in Spanish, which I speak and read. I am looking at the manuscript right now, and it is actually very much on point! I am very impressed with the quality of the translation, and even the ability to translate medical terms such as “leukocytes” and “mast cells” accurately into Spanish.

Chrome Plugins


Data Analysis with ChatGPT and Jupyter Notebooks | by Alan Jones | CodeFile | Jan, 2023 | Medium

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The Tsunami Of Crap, Misinformation, And Responsible Use Of AI With Tim Boucher

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GitHub Copilot

SEE: The Best VS-Code AI Extensions Reviewed - Jon D Jones

The GitHub Copilot extension is an AI-powered code completion tool that helps you write code faster and smarter. You can use the Copilot extension in VS Code to generate code, or to learn from the code it generates.

GitHub Copilot integrates into the VS Code editor through the inline suggestions UI, which lets you review various suggestions and easily accept all or part of the generated code.

To get started, you can sign up for a free trial on the GitHub Copilot website.

We've also added a new AI Tools in VS Code topic to the VS Code documentation that will help you get started with Copilot.

Google invests $300M in ChatGPT rival

AI Services on Fiverr

Google’s new AI turns text into music - The Verge


Here is a list of examples of how ChatGPT can be used in marketing that I found useful and actionable. 

 - Generated 625 post ideas in less than 5 min by Ruben Hassid 👻

-Use ChatGPT to generate a Facebook ads campaign strategy by Jon Loomer

-Generate Keywords clusters by ☀️ Nico Bortoluzzi

Recommended Reading

ChatGPT Plus is out at $20 per month.

Let's guess their annual revenue with a 5-step calculation.

  1. Number of free users

In January 2023, ChatGPT has around 100 000 000 free users.

That's a 100M people potential client base.

  1. Freemium to Premium

Here is a quick benchmark of freemium to premium conversion rate;

But typically, the freemium conversion rate is around 1-5%.

  1. Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

100M x 1% = 1 000 000

1 000 000 x 20$ = 20 000 000$

That's a potential 20M$ MRR starting from the first month.

  1. Potential Annual recurring revenue (ARR)

$20M x 12 = $240M

That's a potential ARR of $240M per year.

For the first year. 😱

  1. Churn rate

Some users will stop using the plus version.

The average annual churn rate for a SAAS company is 3-8%

Let's take the highest monthly churn rate: 8%

Why? Because many users will try just for the hype in the first year.

  1. Annual recurring revenue (ARR)

I will do a rough calculation and take out 8% of the yearly sales volume.

(That might not be an excellent way to do it but this post is getting too long)

$240M - 8% = 220 800 000

That's a great example of the combination of 3 powerful tactics:

Probably the first example ever of this scale.

But don't forget the project started in 2015. They worked in the dark for 7 years.