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Upcoming KDP Bestseller Campaign

We are doing a new KDP select 5-day free program (to be timed with the London Book Fair – March 14-16 where my foreign rights agent will be displaying/selling my 2 titles.

2 years ago, landed an advance with Dyco Publishing in India paid a $1k USD advance.

It would be great if “Swift Kick” and/or Seven Secrets could achieve “bestseller” status during and immediately after the show – this is when foreign publishers are looking to see a book’s rankings when deciding whether to acquire the rights.

Have you ever heard of someone called Knight on fiverr.com who claims to send a book to 4000 potential reviewers?

Discussed why I get nervous using subs from Fiverr or Upwork because they could get your Amazon account dinged. I actually came across an article awhile back about an author who was actually taken off Amazon as a result of a marketing person she hired. I'll try to find it.

Audible gift codes

ACX provides 25 gift codes you can send to reviewers.


ISPI (International Society for Performance Instruction).

Keynote on peer mentoring - how to experience a conference with a success buddy.

L.A. Book Festival

FYI - I am exhibiting at the L.A. Book Festival.

Q. Will we have a wall behind us?

iBooks vouchers

Amazon does not yet offer gift codes, but iBooks does. More info at:



Linked In

Elaina - who did your LinkedIn Banner ?

p.s. do you know anything about Karen Dimmick and her “Book Marketing Summit”? I’ll tell you about it.