"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured." - B.K.S. Iyengar

Few things in life bring me as much love and peace as yoga and mediation. Meditation is like the icing on the cake of yoga. The two for me go hand in hand.

I began practicing yoga in 2007 in an effort to address my persistent back pain which had been getting progressively worse since completing an Ironman in 2002. Within a year of doing yoga on a weekly basis (1-2x/week), I awoke for the first time without any back pain. Any back pain that has returned since has been minor and short lived. However, I've received far more from Yoga than simply relief from chronic back pain. It has made me a kinder person. My teachers would not likely recognize who I once was. All of my teachers are rock stars to me and I'll never be able to truly express my gratitude for what they do. I've living proof that Yoga cultivates kindness. If the whole world did yoga, the world would be a kinder place.

How to start.

Find a yoga studio that offers beginning classes. Most offer a 30-day promo. Go to as many classes as you can. The key is to find a teacher that clicks.

Start slow. I went to beginner level classes for year before I stepped up to a more advanced class.

Breath through the challenging postures.

I am grateful that my first teacher, Carrie Martello, drilled the importance of breath. It's served me for over 10 years.

Try meditation.

If yoga is the cake, meditation is the icing. Yoga prepares the body for mediation. For me personally, my meditations are deeper when they correlate with my yoga days.