Whole30 Diet

I'm resigned that reading the book isn't the same as doing the work.

30 Days is tangible on the calendar. So we can try this.

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Prep reading

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7 Major Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

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Approved Fuel

Fuel to Avoid

No sugar or natural or artificial sweeteners. No maple syrup.

Whole30 is about about building a healthier relationship with your food! If you've been conditioned for a sweet after a meal (most of us have), it's time to reprogram yourself!

So let's get started!

11.1.17 Weigh in: 154 lbs.

And I won't weigh myself again until 12.1.17

Here's the thing - I'm not trying to lose weight. I am trying to lose my belly, build muscle, and feel better. In fact, if I gain muscle, I suspect my weight on 12.1 may be higher, and as long as I feel good and have lost the beer belly - I'm good! I also want to get to 2-3 meals/day. Hunger is a distraction I don't have time for. Sugar spikes create a itch that I have to scratch.

8AM - I've had 3 cups of coffee already and am hungry.

Salad for Breakfast (w/1 small avocado) Strawberries on the side. Big glass of water.

11.3.17 I had pizza last night. I did not feel good afterwords! The soup was much better. I know why I need the Whole30 - I feel better on it! I want to eat every meal I can within the guidelines of it.