Virtual Whiteboards

Both dropbox paper and google docs provide good 'whiteboard' solutions for sharing team knowledge and collaboration. I tend to prefer dropbox paper because it allows you to export to markdown (although not without some limitations).

One key function to consider on any option is how well the search works. Also, keep in mind the more 'free form' the tool, the more the tool will quickly become difficult to manage unless you set some ground rules at the start.

RE: Dropbox

I know a lot of companies are no longer allowing dropbox into their networks due to security concerns (it makes it very easy for an employee to take lots of internal documentation outside the company), and I believe at least one person needs to have dropbox pro ($99/year). Be forewarned dropbox may require users to have a paid account to access it in the future, although because it's still in beta, anyone can use it as long as they are invited in (I believe).

Here are some other options to explore:

Let me know what you end up going with and how the experience is. Dynamic document management is an important part of any business.

I continued to expand on this idea this morning. I guess it struck a chord because it is something I struggled with for a long time in my own business. Imagine trying to disseminate a mountain of dynamically changing data to clients. As publishing has been in a hyperstate of change for the last 10 years, as soon as something is written, it's often outdated.

Our own collective doc management improved when we implemented a few key items:

  1. A shared 'internal use only' dropbox
  2. Built a knowledgebase (which I myself would often return back to)
  3. created an 'internal use only' authordock room for procedures
  4. started putting everything into authordock

What this did make me realize is how valuable a knowledge base (ie. FAQ) would be built in PubWriter. I've already been using pubwriter to create tutorials for myself and sometimes clients.. the only missing piece is to pull them all together into a single site, which I will start building.

Once I have everything on a single pubwriter domain, I can pull all the URLs and submit them to Google for indexing. Then, I'll have all the articles in the best search engine in existence.