The Weather

More than ANYTHING - writing helps me process is a constructive way things that I am processing. It's much better than jumping to conclusions or saying things you'll regret later, or taking misteps beause of a misundersatnding.


Most of what we try to understand is actually misunderstood. All it takes is one glitch to throw the whole system off.

What we get to do as intelligent beings is adapt to the new state of things.

The weather doesn't apologize or feel guilty when others get upset about it. It does what it does. No measure of planning can overcome a severe weather event.

It was 89 degrees at the L.A. Book Festival. People don't like the heat.

United claims a weather event caused a cancellation of today's flight last night. However there's no indication I can find anywhere that any other flights are being cancelled or there's unusual weather at LAX.

If a company blantently lies for it's reason to cancel (perhaps it was a choice of finacial gain).

There's simply no integrity.

The world is desperately lacking

When it seems most of world lacks one of your core values, what do you do? Do you cave in and succumbed to those values, or do you call them on it?

United is probably one of the most hated companies of all time. There is a lack of integrity throughout the entire company. If integrity is one of you core values, you will find a way to avoid sponsoring a company in anyway that clearly lacks it. It's your integrity that fuels the will to whatever it takes to distance yourself from those who lack it and hopefully, if all of were willing to make the sacrafice and find alternative ways to get where we need to go, then United would go away and it would send a message to other companies

What if EVERYONE WHO OWNED ANY STOCK in United sold every share today.

If everyone who owned any shares of stock in United sold it this week, regardless of the financial loss, they'd be worthless enough for another airline, one with integrity, to step in and acquire them for pennies on the dollars. They could clean house and remove all the policies that are rooted in nothing but greed.

It's sad when you catch a loved one in lie. But it's downright sickening to lie to coverup the truth. Because United doesn't have the balls to tell the truth, they lie.

to see an airline blantly lie to a loved one.

Nor should you feel upset or guilty about charging for your time. The economy does what it does, and we all play a part. Let go of your need to control it, and like the weather, it'll pass. There will be good days & bad. Somedays the wind will be at your back (income) others you will be fighting a heading (expense).