Now is incomplete

To live in the moment, we must be willing to live with uncertainty.

The challenge we have with staying in the 'now' is our need to complete that which is incomplete. As I've written about previously, there is a tension that exists between the complete & incomplete.

The now is uncertain, but we crave certainty. Completion is the only thing that's certain. Completion is the end of the tension between the certain and the uncertain.

It's swimming across a pool when we where young. In the middle, there's a real sense of uncertainty that is expressed in fear.

Depending on the event, the space between the start and finish can be filled with tension.

The level of stress my life is a direct reflection of the number of unfinished projects. I am in the gap between unfinished and finished and there's a level of tension. I'm in the middle of the pool, and all eyes are on me.

Tension is ...

Because we need completion, we create stories to link our past to the present. It's the brain's need to complete the story. To explain what happened then by what's happening now, even though the two are very much not connected. This is further confused by the dimension of time and space we base our entire reality on. If you zoom out far enough, the distance between the beginning of your life and the end of your life is seen as a single point. When people experience their entire life flashing before their eyes, they are zooming out.