Uke U-6

Uken' in the Pacific Northwest

Friday July 14 – Sunday, July 16, 2017

At Cascades Academy

Chord Melody with Carl Ventis

Snow Dukes Ukes

Fly me to the moon - check out Neal Chin

This is Ukulele 202!
Listen to Neal Chin!
These are chord melodies!

Learn Am 7 - Jake song - Fields of Gold! did he write it?

Tab Builder Software

I am currently evaluating MuseScore. I prefer the various export methods:

WOW: All I have to do is dream & Tiny Dancer mash up (it's the chord melody).

Post-conference Ideas...

An annual ukulele retreat in Fort Collins, CO.

Followed by an annual writers retreat.
Followed by an annual yoga retreat.
Followed by an annual meditation retreat.


When you go to a Ukulele conference/retreat - you need the Ukulele workbook! It's a book of blank tablature.

Example: G: 2232

Note take for the ukulele!

The bridge

The bridge goes over the water. It's different then the road. It's beautiful. It's exciting. It's often what we look forward to.

If it's too simple for you, play it with your eyes closed.

Carl needs a laser pointer!