Living at a ten

My wife asked me last night, how to I rank my life right now on a scale from 1-10. I initially said 8-9, but after thinking about it more, I told her it was a 7.

It occurred to me that we constantly seek out what is wrong in our lives.

I told her that if others less fortunate were put in her shoes, they would definitely rate her life a ten. As they would mine.

An ongoing complaint I've had since we've moved back from Colorado is that the cost do run a business in California and the paperwork is ridiculous. But if I had never left California, and started a business here, I would have never known it to be any different.

This is why people who have so little can be so happy. They don't know any different. Several years ago, my wife took a cruise with her friend on a high end cruise line (Windstar). She's told me now that we are planning a potential cruise that there's no way she'd be happy on any other cruise ship. In other words, she doesn't think she'll be happy with the ones we can afford.

Put someone who has never flow first class in first class and when they return to coach, they'll be less satisfied.

It's our nature to be less satisfied once we've had something better. We are on a constant search for something better.

End the cycle now. Beginning today, let go of the past and go into every experience with a beginners mind. Remember the first time you took a flight? It was exciting. You can relive that excitement again and again when you look with new eyes.

Look for distinctions you haven't seen yet in things you've done time and time again. See what others see. Look from a new perspective.

Every moment matters when they are the final ones. Embrace each moment (and everyone in it) as it if were the final ones, because we just don't know when it may be true.

Posted by Brian Schwartz on Thursday, January 5, 2017


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