Snow in the Kingdom: My Storm Years on Everest

Print edition

by Ed Webster

Snow in the Kingdom is the Everest autobiography of Ed Webster’s five "Storm Years" on and off of Mount Everest following the climbing death of his girlfriend, Lauren Husted, in Colorado's Black Canyon. A milestone in American mountaineering literature, Snow in the Kingdom will appeal to climbers and "armchair climbers" alike. It’s an adventure story penned in the tradition of the great European alpinists, a seminal document on modern lightweight, ethical Himalayan climbing; and a deeply personal account of one man’s search for redemption and achievement while ascending an uncharted new route up Mt. Everest’s most daunting and dangerous side, the Kangshung East Face in Tibet. An astounding 150 pages of vivid color photographs — over 450 photographs in all — add depth and beauty to the compelling narrative. Webster attempted Everest from three sides: the West, North, and East, from both Nepal and Tibet. Webster soloed Everest’s north peak, Changtse, then pioneered a new route up the 12,000-foot precipices of Mount Everest’s Kangshung Face in Tibet, with a 4-man team and NO bottled oxygen, radios, or Sherpa support. Also included are the unpublished 1921 and 1924 Everest photographs of the legendary British pioneers George Mallory and Noel Odell, plus the never-before-told story of Tenzing Norgay’s birthplace and boyhood home in Moyun Village, Tibet — and the astounding assertion that in 1921, Mallory and Tenzing met one another in Tibet.


The imagery used in Snow in the Kingdom is as important as the text and we've elected to use the highest resolution that was possible. However, file limitation sizes imposed by some eBook devices required us to break Snow in the Kingdom into 3 parts (volumes) for the eBook edition. Below is a list of chapters you'll find in each volume:

Volume 1:

Snow in the Kingdom - Volume 1

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Foreword by Lord Hunt of Llanfairwaterdine
Introduction by Thomas F. Hornbein
Prologue - An End and a Beginning
Chapter 1 - Beginners on Everest
Chapter 2 - Turtles and Hares
Chapter 3 - Journey To Tibet

Volume 2:

Snow in the Kingdom - Volume 2

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Chapter 4 - Changtse Solo
Chapter 5 - Four Against the Kangshung
Chapter 6 - Shekar to Kharta
Chapter 7 - Langma La to Base Camp
Chapter 8 - The Cauliflower Ridge

Volume 3:

Snow in the Kingdom - Volume 3

Chapter 9 Bridging the Jaws of Doom
Chapter 10 - Snow in the Kingdom
Chapter 11 - To the South Col— from Tibet
Chapter 12 - Cold Courage : To the Summit
Chapter 13 - The Fight
Chapter 14 - Rhododendron Blossoms
Chapter 15 - Home
Appendix A - The Mysteries of Mallory and Tenzing