To serve a purpose greater than ourselves. It's when we dissolve into something else that we find out why we're here.

Self-searching is a trap. You won't find your purpose by looking inside. Look out into the world - it's when you serve others that you discover what you are capable.

It's easy to serve yourself. It's easy to give yourself all it desires because you don't ask much from yourself, do you?

Happiness is a reflection of the obstacles we overcome and number of people we help along the way. The greater the challenge, the greater our opportunity for happiness. The memories that linger from life well lived are not the ease upon which is traveled, but rather the challenges if faced along the way.

What's we do for others is what's worth doing. What we do for ourselves, to the extent it benefits others (usually indirectly) is also worth doing.

It's the things we do for ourselves that also benefit others that often feels effortless.

Milestone Moments

Accomplishment requires we define an outcome, a destination. We can learn a great deal by reflecting on our journey, but it begins by defining milestones.

Commitments are made to meet milestones. Milestones are often tied to events. The gift of time is in it's ability to drive us to meet deadlines. When we meet our deadlines, we achieve milestones. It all begins by setting meaningful milestones!