Unraveling complexity

This exercise is to aid you in maintaining focus on one segment at a time. To be segmented is to be focused.

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A segment is defined by a number. That number is assigned each time you create a new event. The importance is being able to pick the ball back up and continue where we left off. It's the continuum we need to be more effective.

Once you get it, you will see just how indispensable AuthorDock truly is.

Take for example these 5 references. Think of them as endnotes for your life script:

Every event is assigned a number in AuthorDock. You can recall every event as a result. As long as you log your notes in AuthorDock, all the history related to that event will be instantly available when you need it.

This becomes increasingly important as the depth of complexity of a project occurs. And it will occur. As you get into a project (especially publishing and promotion), you will find an even expanding array of options to consider, opportunities to pursue, and information to retain.

Projects are no longer random. No imagine if you could see the path you just walked down with absolute clarity. You can!

Here is an index of every event created in AuthorDock:


Note: History was deleted for issues 4,5,6!

This can be expanded quickly using an excel sheet.

This means AutorDock can now be integrated with the AutoFocus system. The benefits of assigning a task to an agent takes AutoFocus to a whole new level.

Imagine an entire organization was run this way.

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