How to stop Robo calls and illegal telemarkers

How to deal with Robocallers, telemarketers, and other annoying phone solicitors.

There are solutions to put an end to robocallers, annoying telemarketers, political solicitors, and other unwanted solicitations!

First off - if you are using a VOIP landline, like Charter, you can enroll in a FREE service called Nomorobo. It really works!

Otherwise, if your phone is not one of the supported carriers, you use a physical device.

Call Blockers

The main criteria I'd suggest looking at is whether or not they have a service that updates the #'s that are reported to the FCC and if it requires batteries or not. The cheap ones run on batteries, which means you'll need to hassle with AAA's. I'd recommend one of the more expensive types you can plug in.

Here are the top rated ones:

You can register your phone # with the FTC's Do Not Call Registry, but it doesn't really seem to help because most of the spam calls you get are illegal and don't follow government guidelines... namely because they are not companies based in the USA, so our laws don't apply to them!

Please share your own recommendations and experiences below.