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Dear Author,

While we do a technical proof of the layout as part of the service we offer, we don’t do copy editing/proofing. Here's what I suggest (which is always in flux based on client feedback):

The danger in proofing someone else’s work is that often times, what may appear wrong to me is exactly what the other intended, so as a practice we never change what format/convert.

Writer’s Digest offers a service through their pool of editors at $2/page.

A client told me about Reedsy, but I don’t have any feedback on it yet.

You could also try one of the digital proofing tools like Grammarly which I really like (see below).

Michael Benjamin (a client) told me about WhiteSmoke, but I haven’t used it yet.

Editing is a very subjective role, and I’ve found that one author will love an editor that another author hated. I also think that the amount of projects an editor has at the time, as well as the deadline to complete the work will often impact the quality of work.

For this reason, I don’t like to do referrals because editing is subjective, but I’ve gotten good reviews from other clients for Irene Chambers who you can contact at:

I can also recommend Meagan Friberg, based on her character, but you should ask her for some referrals. She can be reached at

Be sure to tell them I referred you, and please let me know how it goes if you hire one of them.

Some final thoughts:


Grammarly is quickly becoming an indispensable technology for all writers - I can’t imagine the hours of of rework that we could have avoided if every author used Grammarly BEFORE sending us their manuscript to format!

Here’s a video I made for a client to show it in action:

Here’s the MS Word Add-in (if you are on a PC):

If you are on a Mac, you'll need to copy & past into their web editor.

Hope that helps!

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