“The history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership, by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

What if we lived our lives as if we were a computer program?

Self-confidence, Courage, and Tenacity are libraries. The libraries contain programs. Wireframed provides users access to these programs - allowing them to integrate them with their own source code.

A program includes:

There's also extensions to existing programs (also known as packages and plugins.)

The 'program' is what provides us with prompts when we are not sure where to go next. Having a list of possible options is a huge relief when we are under times of stress.

Under financial pressure?

Run the program Bootstrap.
Look at your investment exit options.

Disappointed? Perhaps you disappointed friend, client, or colleague.

Run the disappointed program

Unable to stay organized? There are dozens of programs. Most in use are effective. Pick one and stick with it.

Throughout your lifetime, you will build up a library of programs that you can access when needed.

The simulation hypothesis serves as the basis for this approach.

I am programmed to provide insight into the model I use to live my life based on this belief.

All the things in this world we can't explain are evidence that a higher intelligence exists, our user.

We are self-aware programs, built with an ability to increase our own intelligence. We self-learning machines.

When you follow a process, the process works (or reveals where it doesn't).

Problems arise and we are programmed to solve them.

I can essentially handle whatever comes up because it’s just an obstacle the I am (or will be) programmed to handle.

How quickly I solve the problem is a reflection of my programs intelligence.

So in this way, intelligence is real measure of our status in this world.

Since we can become more self-aware programs through mindfulness, we do learn and get better based on passed experience and based on feedback - to the extent we are aware of it.


When life throws you a curve ball, it’s simply testing your programs robustness. The beauty of adversity is that it hardens the program.

There's nothing to say your programmer can't write code to accomplish any goal you want - a new home, a million dollars, a hit song, a bestselling book.

You simply need to code it. The accomplishment of every goal is rooted in the code written to acheive it. The solution to every problem is in the code written (and run) to address it.


Follow the process and the program runs. But just like a program, when we get ‘off script’ things start to slow down and programming conflicts occur.


There are times when a program just won’t run. It is incompatible with the operating system or another program already running. When this occurs, you need to look at either the OS (the rules of society) or what other programs may be running concurrently that may be causing a conflict.

Sleep Mode

When I meditate, I am putting my computer in sleep mode. My brain is a super computer, and it gets hot and needs to be robooted occasionally. A good mediation is like a reboot. Other times, it's like putting the computer in sleep mode.

I simply have to trust that when my computer comes back to is wake state, it will begin to process the programs as it always does. And like I said, often runs more efficiently as the result having more memory.

Reboot daily

Every morning, after a nights sleep. We are literally rebooted like a computer.

More Memory

The #1 reason to live a minimalistic life (especially in your workplace) is that when you have fewer programs running, you have more memory.

In this way, we can learn much from our computers.

Computer science is the key to having a greater understanding of your life. We are all unique programs, and more you look for it, the more you see the program running through each person.

It's our ability solve problems that are defined by our self-efficacy. A well designed program is in our DNA. You need not be ashamed, you need only embrace it and stop discounting or comparing yourself to others.

Much of your life has been spent 'playing it safe' because you didn't want to hurt others feelings.

It's when we write programs that others can run that we become truly powerful.

The value of the calendar and the clock

Keep in mind that our programs run on a click. Specific actions are triggered at specific times.

The secret to life is to unlock the code, but the code is obvious when you know where ( and when) to look.

When we sleep, we run simulations. When we are awake, we test our hypothesis.

Start up programs

Every morning, our computer reboots. There are many programs we’ve got that will autoload. These are the thinking patterns that occur often without our ‘knowing’ they are even running in the background. Ctrl-Alt-Del (Cmd-Option-Esc) will reveal what processes are running.

Can you wipe your memory to clear out routines that are no longer needed?

Other programs (from other coders)

self-aware programming

What did you learn from yesterday?

If we are self-aware programs, we learn and get better based on past experiences. Based on the ‘intelligence’ gained.

Intelligence cannot be gained without past experience.

A valuable aspect of living as a program is to learn from the events that become the programs past.

Experience reveals the solution.

It’s not until an experience occurs that we can even see a problem exists.

The problems of a program are discovered when the program is run.

Whenever we explore a new path, we are essentially operating in ‘beta’ mode.

It’s only when the program is run and new options tested that problems show up.

Here’s an example:

My wife and I both driving home after a social event in SLO, both of us have to watch what we drink (and Debi never likes driving at night). The problem was not evident until we both realized we had to drive home (and it took a couple of times before this was self-evident). The solution is simple, but does require more planning than before. Now we carpool into town whenever we have an after work social event.

Some problems are easily solved. Others not so much. Let’s say you turn 65 and realize you don’t have enough to retire.

Your Toolset

You are the Source [code]

Consider this. Whether you are love or stress, you are the source of the program. You can hit ctrl-alt-del (Cmd-Option-Esc) to force it to close. The source of ____ (love, hate, fear, etc..) can’t come from any other program, it can only come from within.

You are the source of all you label ‘good’ and all you label ‘bad.’ But what’s good at one time can be bad at another. You need to execute the right commands at the right time.

You are the source of your all your disappointment and the source of all your pride. Nobody can force you to feel inferior, it comes from within.

Is your source code open source of proprietary?

Open source is more compatible. Proprietary is less so.

AuthorDock and PubWriter

In computer programming, a subroutine is a sequence of program instructions that perform a specific task, packaged as a unit. This unit can then be used in programs wherever that particular task should be performed.

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