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Path of Mindful Awareness

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Are you seeking a mindfulness expert to teach your organization the benefits of developing a mindfulness practice?

Mark S. Schecter, DC, ND has lived and worked as a holistic chiropractor in San Luis Obispo since 1979. He currently lives in Cayucos, CA.

Workshop offerings

An Introduction into Mindfulness overview

1 hour lunch & learn

How to...

A Path of Mindful Awareness Primer

3 hours (half day)

In this info packed half-day seminar, Mark will...

The Path of Mindfulness

6 hours (full day)

8 Week session

Mark will teach a 2-hour session on premises over 8 consecutive weeks

History and Credentials

1971 – Began practicing TM (transcendental meditation).

1974 – Began studying and practicing Zen Buddhist meditation.

1986 – Began studying and practicing Mindfulness meditation through Shambhala Buddhist centers in San Francisco, Berkeley and Los Angeles including numerous retreats and programs.

1994 – Taught a 10 week meditation program to HIV+ inmates at California Mens Colony in SLO.

1995 – Began teachers training for MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) in Mountain View and Santa Cruz. My instructors included Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Bob Stahl.

1995 – 2004 Teaching MBSR in our community at French and General Hospitals as well as other locations to physicians, nurses, mental health care professionals and the general public.

2013 to present – Teaching eight-week (21 hours) training programs called, ‘The Path of Mindful Awareness’ which combines MBSR with Buddhist dharma at Green Lotus Center in Morro Bay. This is a secular approach that is non-religious but can be considered ‘spiritual’ in the sense that is communicated by this quote from another former teacher of mine:

Spirituality is simply a means of arousing one’s spirit, of developing a kind of spiritedness. Through that we begin to have greater contact with reality. If we open our eyes, if we open our minds, if we open our hearts, we will find that this world is a magical place. It is not magical because it tricks us or changes unexpectedly into something else, but because it can be so vividly and brilliantly. - Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Mark has a passion for this work and loves sharing it with others.

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Pricing is all inclusive, includes travel (up to 100 miles from Cayucos), and will accommodate up to 20 participants.

1 hour: $349
Less than $18/attendee (if 20 participants)

3 hour (half day): $749
Less than $38/attendee (if 20 participants)

6 hours (full day): $1,249
Less than $63/attendee (if 20 participants)

8 weeks (full POMA program) $2,499
Less than $125/attendee (if 20 participants)

Also assumes a meeting room will be provided. If not, additional facility charges may apply.

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