Dear {{First Name}},

First off, I want to convey a sincere thank you for attending my 1-day publishing workshop at Cal Poly.

Whether you attended my workshop back in November or just last Saturday, I wanted to offer you a 3-month trial of AuthorDock.

There's simply no other way I could manage all my task and resources without AuthorDock. And I know it is helping many others reach their publishing goals as well.

We recently upgraded to a new secure AuthorDock server and while I'm still making a few final tweaks, it's a big improvement on a tool we've been using for over a year.

If you do decide to signup now, you will benefit from a 50% savings ($60/year), as the price will go up to $120/year after May 31 (your rate will be locked in at the price you signed up at the time of renewal). I am happy to honor a full refund within 30 days.

Given there was additional info I ran out of time to include in the workshop, the only effective way for me to convey the info to all the students is via AuthorDock. Including, but not limited to:

The collaborative aspect of AuthorDock is very powerful... If I answer a question for one person, everyone else benefits when I post the answer to AuthorDock.

The Agent Pitch & Query Room that many of you got a sneak peak of this weekend will be ready next week, and after you registered with AuthorDock, I'll provide you on details on how to get access.

So if I have piqued your interest at this point, you simply have to decide:

  1. Signup for AuthorDock (at the introductory rate of $60/year)
  2. Signup for the 3-month trial (no payment needed), after which the fee will be $120/year if you opt to continue. Just reply to this email and I'll send you more info.
  3. Pass on AuthorDock invitation.

Thanks again,
Brian Schwartz