Inspired by 'A Year to Live'

Deadlines drive action. So what's the ultimate deadline? Death.

To deepen this lesson, live a day without you in it. Seriously, walk through the life as a true observer, no longer a participant.

As you move through your day, the program you are running is called 'phantom.'

Phantom takes your program offline.

When you reflect back on the days when you were still alive, you will begin to cherish every moment of it.

Scarcity defines importance What becomes important is the fact our life is over. It makes every moment of living that much more valuable.

A new relationship to time.

After the program is run, your main program comes back online. And when it does, you will have a new appreciation for it. You will treasure every moment, every relationship, and every experience. You will even cherish the difficult ones because you realize that the gift of simply being here to experience is one to be grateful for.

The big aha is to realize that your rebirth need not be triggered by a devastating event of some kind.

A mission without a deadline?

Where does hesitation come from?

When you follow the system, the system shuttles you towards your goal.


If you believe in reincarnation -

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I could see this as a really handy way to setup pubwriter tutorials, where they 'more' button reveals the markdown or html that created the html I showcased.

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