Embrace Naivety

Entrepreneurs must possess a good dose of enthusiastic blind naivety.

Are entrepreneurs are naïve?

When you think of naivety, do you attribute it to ignorance or arrogance? Or do you see it as the beginners mind, able to see possibilities the wise mind could never imagine?

While it's true that naivety can lead us astray, I prefer to see it as a source of wonder and possibility.

In The Path of Least Resistance, Robert Fritz dedicates a chapter to vision. I quote him:

"I define magic as seeing the results without seeing the entire process leading to those results." ~ Robert Fritz

This is why naivety is so important for entrepreneurs. Wonder is required to come up with a brilliant new idea.

Optimism is required to believe you’ll actually be able to bring it into reality.

“Every true genius is bound to be naive.” ~ Friedrich Schiller

The dark side of too much experience is in knowing the complexities, challenges, and obstacles. They can become blocks to that amazing idea. when they first came up with their idea – then they never would have started down the entrepreneurial journey at all. If they hadn’t been so naïve – had they known the