The Man Kind Project is a community I was introduced to in 2017. Info on the local chapter meetings is here.

One of the topics of is called gold mining. I can't find much online about it, so I am going to explore it more here.

The idea has directed me back to revisiting the SELP program offered by Landmark that I took back in 2008.

Being in the 3rd quarter of my 4 quarter life, I am driven by deadlines to realize my potential.

Life is a 4 quarter game - which quarter are you in?

Each quarter of your life is contained in 20 year segments.

Here's mine:

Q1: 0-20 ('70 - '90)
Q2. 21-41 ('91 - '11)
Q3: 42-62 ('12 - '32)
Q4: 63-84 ('33 - '54)

I anticipate I will live until the year 2054.

I am however more focused on the near term, and to that end, I've created countdowns for the following:

Within each quarter, there is a forecast:

Beyond 5 years is difficult to forecast. Too many variables!

By the 4th quarter, you are a veteran of the game. Along the way you have teachers who have gone before (your elders).

The Journey

Recently we sat down with some friends who were taking a cross country trip. They planned out each of the stops from Mesquite to their final destination Hampden, Maine. A journey of nearly 3,400 miles. There is a freedom when we our own a journey. When the objective is clear and we know we can achieve it. They mapped where they'd stay and how much they'd spend. The longest drive was 8 hours. The shortest 4. It would take them 12 days.

There's a sense of peace in having a clear objective and knowing that your circumstances are aligned to aid you in accomplishing it. Breaking down the task into smaller chunks is key. A sense of adventure is key.

I had a similar experience each time I did Ragbrai, a bike ride across Iowa that takes a week.

When the journey includes places we've never been, there's a sense of adventure. When the path is too familiar, boredom can set in.

Ever notice how much less your excitement is when doing the same thing we've done before? Plan an adventure into the day. Jump in a cold shower. Bring a camera and take pictures of things you've never noticed before (the camera itself can be a focus tool).

I'm embarking on a journey of the mind this year when I take a 1 week writing retreat. I'm not going to allow work to take my attention and the only checking in I will be doing will be to advise clients that I am unavailable.

Additional reading

I am noting books recommended to me by other MKP members:

Do you have comments, thoughts, experiences with MKP to share?