Lucid Living

Why aim to lucid dream when you can discover how to lucid live?

We were in a dream before we were ever born. Our preconscious occurred in the womb. Who we are is a preconscious of our parents.

Who's to say we are not in the womb right now, still dreaming?

I often dream of missing deadlines. A big recurring dream for me was showing up so late for a race that I missed the start.

Dream entry

The thing about a dream is you don't know when you enter a dream. It's not until the dream ends that you know it was a dream. So who's to say this is not a dream?

If your body is motion for the spirit, and your mind is the creator of your spirit.

In a dream, you create your world and perceive it simultaneously. How is life any different?

The difference is memories. Self-talk.

Movies are dreams to be shared. Performances and dreams we share.

Events are dreams we share.

Dreams are rehersal for life. Deadlines will drive dreams to reherse what needs to be practiced for the performance of the event.

You can enter lucid dreams by meditating until you fall asleep. You will be aware as you enter a sleep state, and aware when when you enter the dream state. Life is a dream when you meditate! After meditation, you awaken into the dream.

Meditation allows you to awaken into the dream. Yoga dream state. Burning man and LIAB are shared dreams. You enter lucid living the same as you enter lucid dreaming - you make a proclamation. That which you declare to be true, becomes real.

Life is a share dream with others. We all exist as part of a the creative process in a dream called life.

Writing is a form of lucid dreaming. We spend time in our head, but we must move into action.

A dream is real while it lasts, can we say more of life? - H. Havelock Ellis