Love Thy Self

Inspired by 'Could it be another change' by The Samples

You can't love anyone, until you can love yourself.

How do you TRULY love who you are? By accepting who you are, scars and all.

Pain arises from a strain to be someone we're not. Pressure to be anything other than what we are is pressure you can release by accepting who you are right now. We are bombarded on a daily basis by advertisers hoping to convince us otherwise. Buy our product, follow our system, live this way, and you will be better than you are today. But what if you accepted that you who you is and will always be your best? The more we try to change ourselves (and others), the further we fall into the illusion that we can be anything other than who we are. Marketers feed the illusion, and will always try to convince you otherwise.

The paradox of change is that the moment you begin to change, the conditions for what prompted the change no longer exist, thus the need for change no longer exists. The change was never needed.